Cloudy Sunday

During the tumultuous 1943, against the backdrop of a German-occupied Thessaloniki, two star-crossed lovers struggle to surmount prejudice and fear, as the brutalities against the town's persecuted Jewish community escalate. A box office hit in Greece, this is a powerful and beautifully rendered telling of war-time romance in Thessaloniki between a Jewish girl and a young resistance fighter. Cloudy Sunday is a compelling drama about love, and about the evil and brutality of war, made even more poignant by the wistful songs of famous songwriter Vassilis Tsitsanis and the enchanting classics of Sephardic Jewish music.

Réalisateur Manousos Manousakis
Acteurs Andreas Konstantinou, Haris Fragoulis, Christina Hilla Fameli, Vasiliki Troufakou
Genre Drame
Durée 116 min.
Version V.O. st ang, 2D
Pays Grèce
Année 2015
Admission 16 ans
Production Telekinisi Productions